Separate Technical/Artistic custom rating

I’m glad being able to give my ratings (1 to 5 stars) to albums or tracks, but I wish to give separate ratings for technical/SQ rating, and artistic rating. Is this evolution can be considered ?

Are you asking for a series of STARs like the rating. You can achieve similar by putting an SQ rating TAG on any album or track.

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I have not thought to tags. What should be tag labels in this case ? Like “SQ5stars”, “SQ4stars” ? or “SQ*****” ?

Well Up to you, I like shorter tags and shorter tags cause less visual issues like run overs; and would go with “Sound Quality and Number”; so “SQ5”, “SQ4”, SQ3.5", etc. I would not use “stars” or the star symbol as it redundant, but that is me. Use whatever you want.

Also, I suggest reviewing the Roon Tag FAQ page

Halfway down there is a section on ROONALBUMTAG & ROONTRACKTAG which might help with populating the Tag.