Seperate Library for Albums and Tracks Like in Tidal

Is it possible to maintain a library of albums and a library of tracks without overlap? This would be the same implementation that Tidal uses. As far as I can tell, Roon’s implementation is one where Albums and Tracks are just different views of the same library.

I prefer Tidal’s implementation where whole albums are in Albums and single tracks you have favorited are in tracks. Is this possible with some kind of Focus or settings? Thanks. Has anyone come up with a solution or workaround to mirror the functionality?


You mean different to album and tracks view?

In Roon when you select “Albums” or “Tracks” in the side menu accessed by the hamburger you view items that are in the same library. If I have one album with 12 tracks in my “Albums” I will have 12 tracks in my “Tracks”. In Tidal there is no overlap between the two libraries, tracks from “Albums” are not visible when you select “Tracks”. Hope that cleared it up.

No then you can’t as far as I am aware.

Although Roon will keep all kind of albums (singles, EP’s, Main albums) in 1 Library, I believe it is rather easy to achieve what you want.

DISCLAIMER: I am not subscribed to Tidal, so maybe I do not see the whole picture here.

If it is really about ‘Singles’ and ‘Main Albums’ (and eventually EP’s), Roon has already precluded a Focus view on these different types of albums. Please note, this information is coming from the streaming service provider.

In my case, there are only 3 ‘Singles’ in My Library

and 14 'EP’s

You can make an permanent view on this by defining Bookmarks. You only have to do this once.
If you later on add a ‘Single’ to your Mibrary, it will automatically appear in your Bookmark view.

As an example, let’s do it for Singles
So Focus on Singles

Click somewhere on a white space on your screen in order to remove the Focus menu.

Click on the Bookmark symbol on top of the screen

Click on ‘Add Bookmark’

Give the bookmark a name, in this example, I called it Singles, and click Save

Click Reset to remove ‘Single’ focus, and go back to your Album browser

Now if you want to see your Singles, just click on the Bookmark symbol on top of the screen again,
select the Singles bookmark and there you go: you will only see your singles.
Every Single (i.e. album of the type ‘Single’) that is added to your Library later is automatically added to this Bookmark (and thus View).

You can repeat this for other types of Albums - EP’s, Main , if you want.


You can take it 1 step further from here if you want.
Suppose you rip a ‘Single’ or you just want to select 1 track of an album as a Single.
Feasible as well, but it needs some effort from your side for each ‘Single’.

Let’s make a Single from a Main Album track. Angie from The Rolling Stones.
The album containing Angie is ‘Goats Head Soup’

If the album is available as a local (ripped or download) album in your Library,
click Versions to select a Version from your streaming service (in my case Qobuz only)

Select the Qobuz(/Tidal) album version with the track you want.

Click on the 3 vertical dots at the right of the selected track

Click on Add To Library

You have now an album with 1 track.
Click on the 3 vertical dots near the Album Title and click on Edit

and click on Edit Album

Change the Album title to ‘Angie’

Scroll down till you see Album Type, and change to Single, then click Save

If you now click on the bookmark symbol again, and select the Singles bookmark, you will see that the Single Angie is added to your 'Singles library (as a matter of speak).

So a lot of work, but it can be done. if you really want it.

Hoipe this helps you


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Thanks Dirk for taking the time to respond so thoroughly. Your explanation illuminated my solution.

In Tidal when you “heart” a track it is added to your Track Library and when you “heart” an album it is added to your Album Library. The two libraries do not overlap, for instance, you can “heart” an album and then “heart” your favorite tracks on it. The album will appear in the Album Library and the selected tracks will appear in the Tracks Library, but not the whole album. This prevents single tracks you have “hearted” appearing as albums in your Album view.

I enjoy listening to albums all the way through, but some albums only have a few songs I like so for those albums I “heart” a few tracks and when I am feeling indecisive, I shuffle my Tracks Library or quickly make an ad hoc playlist from the Tracks Library.

As a solution I have created a tag, “Favorite”, for songs in my Tidal tracks library and bookmarked a focused view of those tagged.

I can use Focus to dig deeper into my “Favorite” tracks. So not the same functionality, but greatly improved. Thanks for helping me re-frame the problem.