Sergey Prokofiev vs. Sergei Prokofiev

I usually try to match my tags to the values (for composition, composer and performer) that I find in Allmusic. Long ago, I saw that Prokofiev (originally in Cyrillic, of course) was listed as Sergey. Then I found that Roon uses Sergei instead. So my identified albums gave both Sergey and Sergei as composers, and only Sergey for the unidentified ones. Editing the tags to Sergei cleared it up.

Besides the inconsistency with Allmusic, this raises two problems. Why does Roon care what the embedded composer tag is for an an identified album? Since inconsistencies are unavoidable, could we have a method for telling Roon that two names are equivalent?


I have a very strange update. Today, after I had changed all composer tags to Sergei, I observed that the system had reverted to Sergey.

The bio is listed only under Sergey. All identified Prokofiev albums have composers Sergei (from my newly edited composer tag) and Sergey (from Roon). All unidentified albums have Sergei only.

Roon, what gives? I wasn’t happy about switching once. Now I seem to need to switch back.

Apologies @Esskay, I checked in an equivalence edit for Prokofiev a couple of days ago and I guess it’s just come through on your system. No more cyrillic for Sergey…

There are far too many Russian (and other non-Roman script) composers to do these edits manually, but we may have figured out a way to resolve these equivalences automatically. No promises on timescales though; this has to be prioritized against other work.


No more Cyrillic is good news for me. But I’m not sure what you mean by equivalence. Sergey and Sergei don’t seem to be equivalent in Roon. First Sergey, then Sergei, then Sergey again is preferred by Roon. If you read the “Tchaïkovski” thread, you’ll see that some form of equivalence does seem to exist within Roon, though I’m not sure if a composition with Tchaïkovski will register as identical with the same composition with Tchaikovsky.