Series of Albums or Related Albums / Compilations

Something that has been bothering me for a while is the management of compilation series or mix compilations by DJs in general.

I would like to see a feature like the one that is standard on or

Discogs: “Series” as a context. Compilations are often part of a series or consist of several parts, in this case the “Headz” series.

Letterboxd: similar feature on Letterboxd, there it is a film that is related to others.

Allmusic handles this by registering the name of the compilation series as an artist, but that’s not an option for me…

Therefore … the suggestion: it would be great if there was an option to link different albums to each other.

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in the meantime I noticed that if a compilation is registered like in the example above, then it scrobbles correctly to, but is still incorrectly analysed by Roon.

The first track of this compilation is by Flora Purim only actually, which gets, but in Roon, I still find the track also under Airtos songs… which is not correct, he had nothing to do with it. I guess this should rather be a bug report and less a feature request.

and yes, it’s correctly indicated in Roon that the first track is performed by Flora Purim (only)