Serieus drop-outs TIDAL

iMac 27" latest MacOS
Arris router / 500Mbit internet / Roon via ethernet to USBridge
AVM A30 amplifier with build in DAC

TIDAL is not usable at the moment. Dropouts / song jumps to the next one. No problem with TIDAL app and Qobuz via Roon

Also same problems with Qobuz right now. No problems with Qobuz app.

Things I did:
Resetting router
Resetting computer
Testing internet connection via --> 500Mbit/sec

Hi @Jan_Willem,

Would you say that the issue occurs at the beginning of the track, middle or towards the end? Do you see any error messages being displayed when this behavior occurs in Roon? Does the same behavior occur on “System Output”?

Hi Noris,

No problems with System Output and local files.

What more can I do than:
Resetting router
Restarting iMac
Rebooting USBridge
Log out/in TIDAL and Qobuz

Problem’s gone (spontaneously?) :thinking:

Hi @Jan_Willem,

Certainly strange that it disappeared by itself, I would suspect maybe there were some issues reaching TIDAL’s streaming servers? If you’re still using ISP DNS servers, you may want to switch over to Cloudflare/Quad9, in either case glad to hear the issue subsided, if it do returns let me know.

Just switched to Quad9. Thanks

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