Serious question/concern of restoring a backup to a new core

Yesterday I changed out the core server from a Nuc I had been running to an Antipodes unit.
Very happy with the results running direct from this via USB to the DAC in my ML585.
I added my 4tb HDD to the core and pointed Roon to it as new music library and all files were imported however…
Prior to this I had taken the opportunity to clean it up, deleting quite a number of albums I did not like or want and according to new library scan this is about 400 albums less than previously.

So my concern is this, as library is now way different to the previous last backup from the old core will Roon have a fit, throw all its toys out the pram and lay down screaming in the middle of the road and refuse to play nicely if it sees this discrepancy?

That is why I have not restored a backup yet and its really not a huge deal as only a few focus items and tags in it, none of which are going to stop my Roonworld rocking along.

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Why should someone always back up only parts of their hard drive? That remains piecemeal.

With Clonezilla, I enjoy always having a second ready-to-install backup well locked in the closet that works with MAC, with Linux, and with Windows. Then nothing is missing to the last state of the backup and any other problem would also be reset to an old working state. Better 2 backups than one!

For me a Roon backup would also be too slow. You can do it that way for small databases (if it actually works).

I doubt that Roon would have a fit, but it will certainly notice that 400 albums have gone missing, and possibly the fact that the filepath to your Watched Folder has changed (although this may not be the case). You should put its mind at rest about the missing albums by going to Settings > Library > Library maintenance.

If the filepath has changed, you would also need to go to Settings > Storage and editing the Watched Folder(s) filepath(s).

I have already deleted the old watched folder file path and added the new one, hence the straight forward import of my new slightly modified library.

My concern was if Roon would lock up or anything because my old database backup will contain reference to albums that simply do not exist any longer in my library?

Unless you really need to. I’d just start new.

Thank you @Rugby .
That’s about what I had decided.

As I said I really don’t have anything earth shattering in the database.

I already set all my zone preference, created tags etc.
It’s really only albums and tracks I hearted that is missing.

I did not spend hours on curation and never likely too I think.