Seriously? Metaverse?

I had to read this twice!

This is actually pretty cool! Thanks for sharing. I hope it’s not a joke.

Metaverse is here to stay. Participation is [still] voluntary. It may be one way to save the planet.

That is some really scary sh*t, the planets survival depends on a digital platform, that can be categorized as «disruptive technology».
There are probably better ways to save the planet, but hey, whatever floats your boat :sunglasses:

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Can you explain how that might work? I’m having a bit of a tough time getting from A → B.

In this particular case (music festival), the main advantage is that you don’t need to get from A to B :slight_smile: Anyone can participate from wherever they happen to be. No driving, no flying, no venue, no big crowds, no catering, no littering etc.

In the long term, it will probably change remote work for the better, so as long as work is still necessary, it may not be voluntary for too long.

@PeterD, it’s “disruptive” indeed, but that’s not necessarily a bad word. As with all technology, we can use it to our advantage or turn in against ourselves. It will probably be a combination…

Just so long as it doesn’t turn out to be like Otherland

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For some people in some circumstances. Fortunately I won’t be one of the people and will try not to have such unfortunate circumstances.
If Zuckerberg hadn’t locked himself in, with his golden share votes he would be exiting.

I wonder how many people said that about computers and Internet. You seem to be using both, but of course, I don’t know your circumstances.

I was at Microsoft trying to flog hololens at its start so am fully knowledgeable. Hence my cynicism.
Second Life comes to mind

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This is what the voice in my head says when I hear “metaverse”…

I don’t know…

Frankly, I think the world would be a far better place if we could look each other in the eye — in real life — and say, “I appreciate being with you here.”

The metacurse, like many aspects of the internet, eliminates direct human interaction and replaces it with a digitized abstraction of reality, where subtle nuances of speech, body positioning and intonation are completely eliminated from the language of communication. Misunderstandings inevitably occur.

It’s like digitizing and uploading images of a great culinary invention, complete with a step-by-step recipe.

Can you taste it, in that form? Not until you experience it directly, and it is better when shared.

The problem seems to me that this type of tech is causing us to be ever more distant from one another, rather than bringing us together…

… he says by typing with thumbs on his cell phone. That irony has not escaped me.

So, I don’t think it will save the world. Rather, I think it will hasten its demise by even further removing ourselves from that which truly matters.

Anyway, it’s just a thought. Click that Like and Subscribe button…

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All valid points. We’ve been talking about these issues for years now. But you’re looking only at the downsides. The are upsides too, like accessibility. We lost something when we started printing books instead of copying them by hand, but we got so much more in return. We can do it while maintaining common sense. I haven’t gotten a chance to see Björk and Ozzy live yet, so if it’s going to be in the metaverse, I’ll take it. And I’ll set my own volume; no need for the pesky ear plugs!

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But you aren’t seeing them live just on a more immersive TV. It’s nothing like live.

TBH I too can think of ways to save the planet involving Zuck and Meta. But maybe a slightly bit different …

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If you will never have the chance to see them than the meta verse option can be attractive.
If you have the chance than a BluRay might still be sufficient compared to meta verse.

100% true

but… I would have not been able to see Arnolfini Portrait - Wikipedia until 31 if not for photography. Is it the same, clearly not. I would not know any book unless I see the manuscript if not the printing press… I would not have been able to know about Homer until a meet a bard if not for writing… same, clearly not but right now I’m listening to LSO live and London Symphony Orchestra are having a beer in a pub.

I would 100% choose the live event, picture, experience in any case

Will I need a tent? I hope it doesn’t rain!

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You can definitely make it rain in the metaverse, but I bet getting wet there is not that bad.

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