Serve IP Address in a second NIC

Would it possible that Roon Rock OS serve an Serve IP Address in a second NIC?
This way, one could connect to a renderer/DAC directly, no router, no switch in between and the SQ would be even better!
Thank You for Your time.
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Why would removing a switch make it sound better?

I have Rock installed on a Gigabyte Brix with the built ethernet connected to the router and the second Ethernet (USB to Ethernet adapter) connected to Roonbridge endpoint (Win10 nuc )
Static IP address to each nic is assigned via network settings in Rock OS.

Yes it does. I have this installation in a Win10 machine with a DHCP Server. But, I´m sure that it would be much better in a machine with Roon Rock OS.
I would like to try Dennis way.

Can You please detail a little bit better how do You do it?
Thank You.

Rock OS detects both ethernet devices.

Ethernet (1) is configured to router

Ethernet 2 (USB to Ethernet adapter) is configured to directly connect to Roonbridge (NUC Win 10)

Hope this helps.

Roonbridge installed on NUC/Win10. Ethernet is configured as follows:
Static IP

Thank You very much Dennis. I´m gonna try. Cheers.

Your welcome.:+1: