Server--Crashing while playing [Solved]

For a few months now, I have not been able to reach the room server after stepping away for a few hours. I just had the experience where Roon crashed while listening. I suspect that this was caused by sleeping/power saving. I have now turned that off.

Running headless mac mini (2010, 16GB RAM) with Roon Server (just upgraded today or yesterday to latest). Playing to Bryston BDA-2 DAC via USB. Music library on Synology NAS. GB ethernet wired network (except for iPad control)

When room crashes, I use screen sharing to connect to my mini, am forced to login (even though I shouldn’t have to) and after I enter my password, I can see Roon restarting. This happened while playing today. I suppose it is possible my system was sleeping (but it is set to never sleep).

I had this behavior before I switched to server a few weeks ago too. Any thoughts/help appreciated. I would love to find a way to not have to restart Roon when I want to use it.

Hey @George_Eliades – sorry for the trouble here. Let’s get some more information and see if we can figure this out.

I’ll send you some instructions via PM for getting logs over to us. Thanks!

I had a similar issue and thought is was power saving. It turned out my security settings were set to log off after a certain period.

But now my Mac-Mini stays up all the time. Without a log-in requirement.

Is there a way to keep Roon running while the Mini isn’t otherwise accessible?


Hi George,

A quick thought while Mike is checking the logs. I occasionally have had Roon or RoonServer crash when some double ganged power switches (light/fan) in my bathrooms are operated. I expect these generated transients on power lines which caused problems. Power isolation has helped (I should probably also replace those switches). Is it possible that a power transient could be causing a crash ?

I will give it a look, I believe it is on its own circuit, with a decent power strip. But if it is plugged into the fridge circuit that is next to it…different story!

Hi everyone,

I figured this out I think. In the advanced energy saver settings in El Capitan (which I never clicked in what feels like a decade of using OS X), there is a log out after 60 minutes option. It was checked. My computer would log out even if Roon was playing (with Roon server or full Roon running).

Thanks for everyone’s help, and sorry for the silly mistake. Hats off to Tom T–you nailed it.

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