Server Data structure


I am in Trial Status.
I have organized my music folders on my Server (QNAP) like this:

Genre eg Jazz >> Artists >> LP/CD >> titels
Can I see this structure also with Roon, I have About 400k titles.

You can find information about directory-based browsing in following threads:

I’m sure you can find more threads like these by using the forum search.

No. Roons focus is on “metadata”, not directory structure. This may take a bit of getting used to, but it makes sense. I still keep my music in genre directories, as I find it easier from a file system perspective, but Roon doesn’t care.

Well, you actually could “use your structure” as means of filtering and selection by adding you storage folders separately:

\\rrabg12\Music\FUNK SOUL R & B

Then, you can either activate/deactivate your storage folders in Settings/Storage or use Focus and find the “Storage location” setting.

Sorry for being non-literal but i haven’t got access to my Roon setup here.

Oh, and this is NOT possible on Roon ROCK inställs with internal storage. (One root partition is automatically added, no option of selecting separate folders)

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