Server not starting on Synology

Sorry, i mixed up the path:

Not /var/Mono
but /var/packages/Mono
(Even though the same issue would occur if there is a /var/Mono directory)

You you can check by entering
ls /var/packages/Mono

But hopefully it will also be fixed in one of the next RoonServer builds.

Uninstalled Synology Mono packet, uninstalled RoonServer, reinstalled your last version, now it seems to work.
Scan in progress, I’ll try tomorrow to listen on my different devices.
Thanks a lot !
And I hope I can soon make my minecraft server work again with mono…

Hi, thanks again.
All works, app is beautiful, just a little slow to analyse all it will come.
Great sound on devices, great rediscovery of some music I forgot, well it could be really magic if iOS app could play music…
For mono : my minecraft server works, I don’t know why. With mono installed with roon ?
I don’t remember from where was the previous package I was sure it was from Synology. But not in the list anymore.
Anyway I will see how it all turns, and keep you informed.
Have a good week-end.