Server on Mac Mini hangs on auto software reboot

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It seems most every time there’s a software update, it downloads and reboots, but the Mac hangs on the server application.

So I cancel the operation, and launch Roon manually and everything is fine!

How can I troubleshoot root cause?

Hi @James_Mauger,

Thank you for your patience while we worked through the queue to reach your inquiry.

Next time you see an update presented in Roon, please first open the Console application on your Mac RoonServer machine before updating. You can find Console in the Utilities folder inside of the application folder on your Mac.

Start a session within Console by clicking the top play button - this will retain OS-level logs we can investigate to see if CPU is spiking, etc. when Roon hangs on automatic restart.

Please also let us know, if you can, an approximate timestamp for when you next encounter this. We’ll try to pin down precisely what’s happening on our end.

Thank you!

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