Server Sleep and Wake on LAN

Yep, built-in for both Roon OSX and Roon IOS remotes would be great

The whole point of this request is that you don’t have to use an additional app to wake a sleeping music server thus making Roon more family friendly.

In the iOS app for example, when you start the Roon app, it would automatically send a magic packet to the target server of your choice. It would have no effect on a server already awake and there could be an option to turn it off for those who don’t want this function.

This request goes back several months and has a lot of support. It would be quite useful at this point for the developers to give some indication if they have any intention to take this further. Please.

I understand the request and support it in the sense that I would like Roon to have it. Just wanting to make sure people know it can be done in other ways at the moment.

It’s a question of priorities. We are still waiting on RoonSpeakers, Linux, 64 bit, HQPlayer integration, total metadata editing, internet radio, ISO support, album notes and back covers and a multitude of other things that only Roon can do. It seems logical to put requests for features that can be done in the OS or by other programs further down the list. WOL, CD ripping and tag editing are in that category for me. Sure, I’d like to see them but I’d like to see a lot of other things first.

Check out “The Team” in Settings/About. It’s 9 people, not all of whom are engaged in software development. What they have done is awe inspiring. But they are not going to be able to implement all of the above tomorrow. So they have to prioritise. Which of the things on the above list should have a lower priority to accommodate WOL ?

Please don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t criticising the rate of development, I think the team have done an amazing job with Roon. I just wanted to get an insight as to whether or not this feature would likely be included in the development pathway. Later being better than never as it were.

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@Cliff from above:

They’re gonna implement it eventually.

Would love to see a WOL feature for NAS. I’ve recently added a second library for lesser listened to material, but don’t really want to leave the NAS on 24/7. That said it would be nice to have a wakeup feature in Roon. Yes, yes, I too know it can be done other ways - I’ve got various apps/scripts that send magic packets, but there’s nothing like a beautifully simple solution.

Previously I reserved my NAS for backup, and my backup program (Carnon copy cloner) allows scripts before backup so I did a very simple script that calls a WOL packet sender then sleeps for a couple of mins to let it fire up. Bit messy, but better than nothing and means no user intervention. My coding is pretty basic, but didn’t take me long it’s not hard to do… :wink:

Sorry, I’m coming late to this conversation, but in the days when I ran my Windows Home Server system such that it would sleep whenever it could, then I used the Lights Out software.

I see that they do a solution for desktops used as servers, so (for Windows at least), it could be used on the PC running RoonServer.

The way Lights Out works is that it also has a service running on your client PCs, and that tells the server when it’s OK to sleep or when it has to wake up to service client PCs (e.g. Roon Remotes).

I was using this product for some years, and it worked very well indeed. It’s only the fact that I have now decided that I need to run my server 24/7 (because of a Home Automation system that runs on the server) that I have stopped using Lights Out.

That solution would apperar to be only useful if you are using a PC as the player endpoint.

All I want is a simple addition to the iOS\Andoid controller software apps that allows them to send a magic packet on start-up. If your server is awake, this has no impact. If it’s asleep it wakes it up. Simples.

i am also using a windows machine as roon server thats is send to sleep via lights out when it is unused. so give the roon remotes the ability to wake up our servers please!

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WOL – Wake On Lan would be very nice future in the roon remotes. I have done a quick googling on in and I found a few examples of how it is possible to implement in C#. I provide one of them below.
Link to example

It doesn’t look difficult, but you need to translate it to what ever language you use for iPad development.

I hope WOL will be implemented because it is an important functionality nowadays.

Is this being implemented anytime soon?

There haven’t been any announcements about it beyond the posts by @danny earlier in this thread.

+1 for WOL feature, same use case scenario with the server on and off on a weekly schedule, I currently set the server not to sleep but would prefer not to. If not everyone wants the feature then make it “settable” in the settings section (on/off flag).

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This should be part of Roon 1.3. Roon should be seen as green!

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For those of us using only a tablet as a control this is important.

Why can’t Roon Remote send a WOL packet as soon as it’s launched?

Send it to the last server that was used.

If the server is already up, it won’t make a difference, if it’s sleeping it’ll wake up.

Just do it quietly - no input boxes for mac addresses, no buttons to press, no input from the user. Just have it remember the last server used.

Can’t be that hard.

Right now I have to launch a different app to send the packet and then come back to the remote app.

Keeping the server up all the time is not a good idea.

Surprising silence on this topic from Roon

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Totally agree! That’s exactly what iPeng for LMS does.

I do not agree. I run all my servers 24/7. No Issues.

This thread is for the environmentally enlightened - so go away


Of course there are no “issues”. But if you’re using Roon 2-3 hours a day, why do you need the server using full power the remaining 21-22 hours?

If you run your server 24/7 Daniel, surely a WOL would not adversely impact your workflow.