Server software restarting without input

I am using:
Nucleus (not plus) with no internal or external drives
Music files (65k) on a NAS (Synology DS416play)
Connected by 1Gb ethernet and switches
Using imac or ipad as remotes
The server software is restarting without my input. The Nucleus itself remains on.
See the timings on this image

The restart would be approx 2am ( I was not partying) at which time my backup is scheduled to run.

Backup settings

My NAS in turn is scheduled to backup to an external disc (attached to the NAS) at 3 am.

This screen shot demonstrates that there was some activity at 2am so the backup appeared to have started at this time.

(The highlighted folder is 21.12Gb with 18k files and 65.5k folders)

Any suggestions to help make the server software more stable?



The NAS was starting it’s backup at the same time as Roon Server (Daylight saving issue?).
I rescheduled the NAS backup to a later time and also cleaned out all the existing Roon backups so it had a fresh start.
After the clean out of the old backups, I did a manual Roon backup to ensure it was working as expected.
All good!


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