"Set and Forget" settings for HQ Player?

I know, I know… HQ Player settings are dependent on taste and hardware! But are there any recommended starting points, or settings that I can start off with, so I can spend more time listening (as opposed to tinkering with all the various permutations and combination)?!

Thanks in advance!

Core is a SonicTransporter i5 into Ultrarendu. DAC is Audiolab 8200CDQ (max 96khz) which also has its own set of filters.

Filter is up to your choice. But use TDPF dither, maximum possible output sampling rate, and set filter in DAC to a sharp linear phase filter if possible. And remember not to turn volume in HQPlayer higher than -3 dBFS.

Thanks for the quick reply @jussi_laako !

I’m using HQPlayer embedded. To clarify, when you refer to volume, do you mean I should set use the startup and fixed volume settings under “Generic” settings to -3?

Startup volume yes, fixed volume if you want to use a fixed value instead of adjustable. For most cases when you use amp’s volume control using -3 dB setting for fixed volume is good. But keep eye on the limited counter and reduce it to -4 or more if necessary (limited counter doesn’t stay 0).

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