Set DNS on Ropiee

Hi all,

I have just setup ropiee on a pi 4 and I want to set a static ip address along with DNS servers.

I cant find anywhere in the UI to set the DNS; if I use the static details in the UI DNS seems to default to, and a few others.

I want this to point to an internal DNS server.

Has anyone been able to set this?


Why not use dhcp address reservation with dhcp assignment of dns too?

I am doing that now but it’s a pain in the. On my router so I was trying to set it all statically.

You shouldnt set static on any device end as its can cause issues with DHCP. Static ips should be controlled from the router end using fixed ip address or DHCP reservations. Same goes for DNS as well.

There is probably a config file in ropieee that you can set it in but updates at some stage might override it. @spockfish Harry would be best to advise on manually editing and which file location to use

Not sure about this, 90% of my network is on static IP addresses. There’s nothing wrong with a static address so long as it’s outside the DHCP range.


Manually changing the files will not work as they are overwritten.
I’m afraid that what you want is not possible right now.


Thankyou @spockfish

I’ll add it on the todo list.

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If it’s outside the DHCP range it won’t mess it up though you are correct. But best practice is to let router manage this side of things thats what its for it as can lead to issues if you change network gear and it uses different ranges by default and can’t change the range it uses which has caught users out quite a lot of times.

Yes, I do that too. my DHCP range is 100-255, and my servers and printers and stuff that should never move and I want to know where they are live <100 and are static. I have specific ranges for specific machines like pure file servers or network essential boxes (pihole) are <10. Servers for other services (Roon, time machine, torrents etc) are 10 - 50. And printers and other appliances live 50 - 100.

The other transient crap like phones tablets laptops etc that connect via Wi-Fi live in the bad side of town >100. They can fight it out with my 9 nest smoke detectors, doorbell, thermostats etc. I should put the IoT stuff on it’s own VLan but I haven’t bothered. It’s more fun to putter in the shop. :slight_smile: