Set Roon start page?

Is there anyway of setting what start page you get when you star the Roon app (on Windows)?
It seems most of the time I get the same page as I was visiting before I close the app, but is there some way of saying I always want it to start on the Home screen for instance?

No. I always leave on the page I want to start on next time. Usually, I clear the queue and back out of everything to the Home page.

It seems like it would be easy to implement a setting to allow you to always load the Home Screen.

Each control remembers where you left off when starting up. In addition, the navigation buttons allow you to move back through screens and searches.

If you want to start on the homepage, you’ll need to navigate there before exiting Roon.

Alternatively, make a request in #feedback:feature-suggestions.

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For those interested…

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