Set Sample Rate on Exit

On systems where Roon is able to change the DAC’s sample rate, such as with ASIO on Windows, it would be great if we could set a sample rate to return to when not playing music, and/or on exit.

I don’t know if many people would benefit from this feature, but it seems simple enough to implement. Thanks for reading.

What would the advantages be of this? Genuine question.

I use my PC for a lot more than just music. Most of these other programs, such as games, use 48000 Hz for their sample rate. Currently this means that after listening to music through Roon, I have to change my sample rate back to 48000 Hz in the audio control panel.

Is this not automatic?
Both the DAC and Windows will adjust to the data stream, AFAIK.
I have heard that MacOS does not…

It doesn’t (on Windows) with the two DACS I have experience with (ODAC and ADI-2 DAC, both through USB). The default behavior down-samples whatever is playing to the set bit-depth and sample rate. It works with ASIO, but that isn’t used outside of music-related software. I don’t know about MacOS.

Problem here is that you could use Roon Bridge on a USB device connected to a computer. The USB device could be used from any of the Roon remotes by core, which complicates the world slightly.

My Schiit Yggdrasil Analog2 makes physical clicks (not on the audio output; but from the device itself) when changing between 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 188.4 and 192kHz; I really want to avoid these happening every time you stop a stream to this output.

So if the Roon team implements this, please make sure to not create a new annoying feature :slight_smile: