Set scan music by specific time on day, skip bad file bad format bad name

Im using Roon Life Time, however still have some thing I think need Roon team improve to get SW better.

  1. Now we only can set scanning music freq by every 4hours, 6 hours, etc. I think if we have feature to set certain time in the day then it better, since normally I will set scan by night time then it doesnt take CPU resource to get slow process on music playing. Example we can set daily 23H00 . , etc.
  2. Now if I add multiple folder to scan, then if I want to change scanning config I need do one by one. I think better to have option select all and set the same config for all.
  3. If Roon found the file is bad format or bad name, need move all to skip file, then next time scan not need to scan again (for my case I think I alway get this issue, and every auto scan it take time to re-scan ~700track with 0 indentify , and at that time my RoonCore supper slow almost can not load music)

You may want to open this as a feature suggestion in the appropriate forum category, #feedback:feature-suggestions
Then people can vote for it - don’t forget to cast your own vote as well :slight_smile:

I’ve moved your post into the #feedback:feature-suggestions category as @Suedkiez suggested. Don’t forget to vote for it using the Vote button. Thanks.

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