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I have Apple Music iTunes before using Roon. Need to keep both software because there are music that can only be found in either of them. My high quality music files and Tidal album is stored in my SoTM music server. The Apple Music is stored in my Mac and iCloud. Is it possible for Roon to access my Apple Music in iTunes and play it from there?

Is it considered as another Core to play the Apple Music and I have to do another subscription?

Yes, you would share the ~/music/media/music folder, add the smb share to Roon from Settings > Storage > Add Folder. Roon can only index and play Apple music files that exist locally/downloaded.

Is it considered as another Core to play the Apple Music and I have to do another subscription?

No, and no.

Do you mean I can copy the whole itunes media as another folder to my core server and Roon can take control on play back?

Roon will not mix it up with the other Tidal and CD file that I originally stored in the core server?

Hi @Constant_LAM,

You can add the location on the Mac as a watched folder and all of those files will be available to Roon.

By default all of these will be considered a part of the same library. You can use focus to choose only a specific watched folder, though, if you’d like to see only content from one location.

Wow, just starting to know the powerfulness of Roon after retirement - although I am a lifetime member for few years now. Will try it out tomorrow.

I think you should set up in country demonstration center. Will be great marketing for your product.

Checked. It seems I need to click on each of the music folder under iTunes media. I have 3000 folder or album. Very tedious to select each folder.

  1. Is it possible to select all?
  2. If I delete the selected folder later, will the folder stored under iTunes media will also be deleted?
  3. Is there a way to only share the 3 star or above rated tracks in iTunes to Roon?

Hi @Constant_LAM,

  1. If you select a folder, all the sub folders will be included. For example, if you have a Music folder with all your artists and albums in it, you just select Music folder.
  2. Are you talking about stopping Roon from watching the folder? If you delete a folder outside of Roon, Roon won’t see it anymore. If you delete an iTunes album in Roon, it will delete the album in your iTunes folder.
  3. If you have all your 3 star albums under a single folder, you could have Roon watch it.

Maybe you could show us your iTunes folder structure and we can offer suggestions.

Cheers, Greg

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