Setting Album Artist to "Prefer File" does not seem to work

When editing the “Metadata Preference” for an album, the settings for Album Artist are not saved. If I choose the option “Prefer File”, save, close the window, and open it up again, it is back to the default “Don’t change” option.

Hi Stephane,

It actually is working the way it’s supposed to. Here is what Mike wrote about it recently.

[quote=Mike]I think you may be misunderstanding the UI, although you have me wondering if we can do better here.

If you’re selecting multiple items to edit, they may contain a mix of Roon metadata and tag data for each field, depending on the past edits you’ve already done. This screen allows you to change those fields all at once and so every time you open the screen. the default state is going to be “don’t change anything” until you choose what you want to edit.

In other words, it’s not showing the existing values. It’s showing you what’s you’re going to change if you hit save.

I’m going to think about whether we can make this clearer.[/quote]

So you can confirm that it worked by editing the album again and selecting Edit Fields and see that the changes you made under Metadata Preferences were saved.

Cheers, Greg

I understand now. However, the changes do not seem to be taken into effect in the “Artist” view. The file’s album artist is now correctly selected in the “Edit Fields” window of the Album Editor, but in the Artist view of the library, the album appears under the Roon Artist. Hope my explanations are clear…

Are the changes supposed to be instantaneous, or is there something to do in addition ?

I don’t believe that it is currently possible to change the artist that the album is linked to this way.

Can you give us an example of what you’re trying to change?

You could try to edit the album and select Identify Album and see if you can find the proper artist / album.

Cheers, Greg

I was changing an album of Mozart: String Duos and Trios, performed by the Academy of St.Martin-in-the-Fields Chamber Ensemble, and have it appear under Mozart. Now I know, that for classical music, I can switch to the “composer view”, but here is another example: a main artist featuring albums with different variations - Sarah Vaughan, Sarah Vaughan and her Trio, for example. “Sarah Vaughan and her Trio” appear as an artist under “S”, and “Sara Vaughan” under “V”. I would like to see them all under “Sarah Vaughan”. This happens frequently for Jazz albums (for example, my Duke Ellington albums appear under all the different combos he performed with).

Go to Settings > General > Artists Sort by and select First Name.

This will keep the Sarah’s together.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

OK, but let’s take another example: Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges - Side by Side. I would like that to appear under Duke Ellington, not Johnny Hodges… And even if I do sort by first name, I do not always know which album was performed by who. For example, I have a lot of Sun Ra albums, and he has played under numerous denominations. I would just rather see all my albums under “Sun Ra”.

I guess this is not possible ?

Or Duke Ellington’s “Jazz Violin Sessions”, appear under Svend Asmussen, which is one of the fetaured musicians…but remains a Duke Ellington album. Actually, that is another point, which is that all featured artists appear in the artist view - so that album would appear twice, once under Duke Ellington, and once under Svend Asmussen. That is not a problem… Skip back to my previous post !

Edit: actually my previous post turns out to be linked to that same behavior. The Sun Ra albums appear both under his name and the orchestra’s name (ex: Sun Ra & His Arkestra).

Still, I find it would be useful to have the option to only group all these albums under one chosen artist…
For example, by having the option to only display the “main artist”. The way it is done now is useful in some cases, but also confusing in many others. I know you can filter and save tags, but a “main artist” view for Jazz, would be even better !

I guess this turns out to be a “feature request” than a bug, as I had misunderstood Roon’s way of displaying artists.

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Ha! You keep beating me to the answer.:laughing:

The next version (1.3) of the software will deal more with metadata. I don’t know what will be involved, so we’ll just have to see if it includes what you’re looking for. But yes, feel free to post in Feature Requests.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks - will do.