Setting common artwork for multiple-disc box sets

Hi all,

I am about to rip the Depeche Mode “MODE” box set and add it to Roon. This box set is made up of over 20 discs.

I have an image of the box set cover I’d like to have visible in Roon’s “Album” list but then I would like individual album artwork images for each album show in the Playing Now window at the bottom of the screen.

Is this possible? Only option I can think of is to create an empty FLAC file of 30 secs or so and apply the box set cover to that. (Have done this in iTunes in the past.) Then with the individual discs following with each album’s artwork. Would like to avoid this if at all possible.


Multiple covers are not supported. See also:

Many feature requests made for this but …

Ah sorry! Search should’ve been my friend…

Indeed - hopefully some day.

Something about breath and holding :joy:

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