Setting Convolution Filter in HQP Embedded on Euphony

A very basic question: How can I set a convolution filter with HQ embedded in the Euphony OS. There are only very limited settings.
Thank you Ulrich

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I have never used Euphony, so cannot comment much about that. But unless they block it, you should be able to access HQPlayer’s web interface on port 8088. IOW, go to “http://somehost:8088” where “somehost” is name or IP address of your Euphony server.

Ask, he was very helpful with my setup.
Best Ulrich

Do someone know, when update of HQP to Euphony comes? When we are able to use new gauss filters? Or is there any “secret” possibility how to make it myself? Thanks

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Have you checked HQPlayer web interface or HQPlayer Client? Which version of HQPlayer do you now have?

I can see only this. Euphony not allows any customization

Ignore that, HQPlayer has it’s own web interface. In addition you can use remote control applications like HQPlayer Client and HQPDcontrol to control active settings.

HQPD control I have installed on iOS, but cannot find the player :frowning:
It is part of Euphony, but there are not all filters and settings

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I have the first version - * As a standalone player controlled externally by another client (i.e. Roon)

Not sure, if I can to connect to it

Possibly because you are looking at Euphony GUI, not HQPlayer GUI. You should look at the HQPlayer interface.

Have you checked with HQPlayer Client for example?

What does /about page of HQPlayer web interface say about the version?

What is the port, where I can HQPlayer GUI interface? I have tried 4321, but it doesn’t work. With HQPlayer Client I see only this, but no possibilities to something change


Once you are connected with the Client, by selecting the correct server. You can view and change active settings through the menu-button (three horizontal lines).

Thanks. There are the same filters like through Euphony GUI, no updated f.e. gauss. Version is 4

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OK, so it’s some old version. You’d find the version number from /about page of the web interface.

But I am not able to HQ GUI open :slightly_frowning_face:. It should be some kind of

Yes, you need to ask Euphony for help on that matter. I cannot help on it since I’ve never used Euphony myself.

I am there. It was 8089 and actual version is 4.22.3. I am going to write to Euphony, when can I expect update. Thanks for your kind help

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