Setting Qobuz albums as main source


I am wondering if anyone knows if there is the possibility of setting qobuz as my default source for playback across my whole library instead of having to manually pick the qobuz version every time I want to listen to an album. I believe it is possible to set for individual albums but the majority of the qobuz versions are better than my local copies so it would be great if playback would come from qobuz by default?

Thanks In Advance

Hello Isaac. There is no global setting to achieve this as far as I know. But you may be able to achieve what you want by:

  • activating ’ Show hidden tracks and albums’ under Settings (to ensure that your Qobuz and local version are both shown separately in the library)
  • using Focus (in Albums view) to only show your Qobuz albums. There is a straightforward setting for this in the Format section of Focus.

Your album view is now restricted to those albums for which you have a Qobuz version, and when hitting play it will choose that one, regardless of whether you set your local or Qobuz version as ‘primary’.

I use this exactly the other way around btw, typically preferring my local versions! (by clicking the Qobuz option in Focus a second time the colour changes form green to red, to indicate ‘not Qobuz’). But the idea is the same.

You can use other focus options in a very similar way to restrict your album view and playback to subsets of your library, so it’s pretty flexible.

If you use a remote like e.g. a smartphone to control playback, it will not have the focus functionality. But you can still get there by creating the Qobuz focus from a laptop, desktop or tablet, and saving it as a bookmark. The bookmark will be accessible from all remotes.

See if it works for you!

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Hi Ozzie.

Thanks a lot for your response. I have tried this out and although it isn’t quite what I was thinking as it only shows albums I have added to my libary from qobuz it is still useful and something I didn’t know about. You answered the main question though saying there is no global setting which saves me continue searching through the setting’s to try and achieve this :slight_smile:

Thanks Again.

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yes, it is a bit of a workaround. Thinking out loud (aka not really thought through!), I might be really tricky for Roon to extend this behaviour beyond albums added to the library. It would need to be certain that what it can find on Qobuz (or Tidal) outside your library is a true equivalent of your local album. And you may not agree with its choice …

Is the use case you have in mind something like a toggle that would in essence instruct Roon to always ‘hunt’ (search) for a suitable substitute on your streaming service, even if your library only includes a local version, and then stream that Qobuz/Tidal version if it is confident that it is ‘the same’? Not sure I would need (or want :wink:) that, but an interesting idea!

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If your music is all available on Qobuz, you could simply deactivate your local storage in Settings?
Otherwise, just create another folder (non Roon watched) into which you move all of the albums that you already have favorited on Qobuz. This could then be added as a Storage location and included or excluded immediately.

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Any update on this? I would love to have Roon default to Qobuz instead of Tidal if possible.


Quit TIDAL sub?

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same question here. want qobuz as primary source. there is an option like everything is better than maq. such a thing . qobuz version is always betrer should do the trick