Setting song transition in roon?

Hi Folks,

Is there an area in roon that allows you to set a transition time between songs to allow for gapless play of your music selections? Thanks for your time.

Three easy steps:

One: Click on the zone icon bottom right in the black play bar at the bottom:

Two: In the Zones menu, click on the ‘three dots’ icon right of the zone you want to apply the setting to and choose ‘Zone Settings’:

Three: Set Crossfade Time to a length of your liking:

I like the misspelling lol

What misspelling? :smiling_imp:


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Thanks for the reply Rene, not sure how I missed that? I think I’m usually up to late when I’m working with this stuff. :slight_smile: I appreciate your help!

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You can also right-click or long-press here :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mike, I like taking the long way and enjoying the ride. :smile:

Ok… I’ll show myself out :pensive:


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You’re always welcome Mike!!!

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I really like the Tilt in this! :wink:

P.S. Don’t… DON’T play it in the Bedroon though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By your valued recommendation, sir. I had a great hour of chill.

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A great, grand record, isn’t it? I guess your hour of chill was not quite an hour of “Relax, hang out”, as is the popular meaning of “chill”? :wink:

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Nope: more like a ‘neck hairs raised in all possible directions’ kind of chill. :sweat:

That’s exactly the kind of chill I had with this record Rene! :smile:

But apart from the eeriness: have you ever heard a non-opera singer (or, for that matter, an opera singer), sing opera in a Jacques Brel nightmare musical taking place in a butchery this sophisticated? :wink: