Setting to Add all album versions of the same album to Roon library when clicking 'Add'

Hi There,

Is it possible to add a feature that when you search for an artist, and you are using multiple streaming services, that roon will automatically add the album to both qobuz and tidal libraries at the same time, rather then have to manually add all the versions of the same album to your library every single time?

Ie if I click “add”

Why can’t it just add them both? (A setting for either behaviour would be ideal)

I do this because Tidal algorithm when outside the house for music discovery is way better than Qobuz, but on my home system Qobuz sounds better (and I am against the whole MQA thing, but discovery is more important, so having 1 service only is not a good option. Also, if Tidal or Qobuz go out of business, all my meta data will exist and history etc. as I am essentially using both in parallel. This will likely happen oneday causing huge headaches if in bed with 1 service only)