Setting up a Mac computer to play with other endpoints

I have a Mac mini that is running Roon Core. I have DAC connected to it through a USB connection. All my other endpoint s are Airplay devices. Can I set up the computer to group with the Airplay endpoints?

Hello @W_T, to group zones, those zones have to be the same type, which you can learn more about here.

Hi nuwriy,I checked it out and it looks like there is no way to group my Mac’s headphone output with the Airplay devices; even though Airplay is running from my Mac. Is that correct?

Not done it but I believe there are some third party bits of software which allow you to airplay to your Mac, airfoil perhaps? Then you could set the system audio out to your dac.

Thanks for that sbr. I got airfoil and set it up choosing Roon as the input. However, sbr says he/she has not used airfoil, so does anyone know which of the Mac outputs available in Roon I should use as input to Airfoil? Also, does Airfoil do any sound processing or is it does it just pass the data through to its endpoints?

As airplay is limited to 16/44 you don’t particularly have to worry as everything will be able to handle that.

I’d assume you want airfoil to output to your USB dac. And you will use roon to send to airfoil, even though it’s local.

Thanks for the info sbr. You are correct, I will be sending it to a USB DAC out of a Rasberry Pi, but I’m not sure which Roon/Mac output to send to Airfoil.

What are your options? I’d have thought airfoil would present an airplay output in Roon, which is the one you want.

Roon gives me the choice of “built-in output” or “system output”. Airfoil gives the a “system audio” option, but, to me either of those two could be “system output”.

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