Setting Up a New Roon System Using an Intel NUC

Just in the process of setting up a ]new Roon system. I’m going through the initial instructions re setting up the Bios, and my SSD isn’t recognized. Does it need to be formatted?

formatting is done using ROCK installer…I assume you are planning to use ROCK?

Yes. Will the SSD be recognized at that point - I can’t select the SSD as a boot option in the Bios editor.

The SSD should be recognised in the devices available but you need to boot with USB as the first device to install ROCK…as I recall…

if the device is not seen try removing it and installing again - sometimes the connections might not be seated correctly.

Thanks for your help. Got it going. Cheers.

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How do I make a directory for music on the internal SSD drive of the NUC. In the Roon Knowledge Base it is said that you can’t store music on the Roon OS system drive.

The KB article is quite correct - you can’t store music on the Roon OS system drive (i.e. the M.2 SSD). If your NUC is one of the versions that can take an additional 2.5" drive (either SSD or HDD), then you must first format it using the Web Administration Interface.

It will then show up as the default Music folder inside Roon, and be accessible over the network as a folder called “InternalStorage” in the path such as \\ROCK\Data\Storage\InternalStorage\