Setting up a new system

Dear all and @support

I’m in the process of setting up Roon properly for the first time. I obviously want to get it right first time

I’m using a Windows desktop as a core (only used for music) running 64 bit (?)

I have an Aurender N10, connected by AES/ EBU to a Devialet Expert Pro (“Rooned”) then on to my speakers.

I have managed to download my music libraries.

Not sure how to set up my system

Any help appreciated

Many Thanks

getting the core setup is as simple as installing the app, pointing it at your music collection, and defining a zone:


With the Devialet CI update (Rooned), you can stream Roon directly to via Devialet AIR, no other soft or hard-ware is required:

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Hi @Phillip_Sanders,

As MJB suggested above, we have some great documentation in our Knowledge Base about setting things up. The Getting Started Guide should cover all of the bases, but if you have any specific questions during setup please let us know and we will be happy to help!