Setting up a Roon End Point (Raspberry Pi 4)

Hi guys

Sorry I am needing some help again, I have purchased the below and needing help to create a Roon Endpoint.

Raspberry Pi 4
Chord Mojo

I downloaded RoPieee and flashed the Micro card and inserted it and rebooted, I cannot get Roon to recognise it under Audio?

Any help would be appreciated.

These sort of issues can be tricky as there’s a few potential causes. When first flashed Ropieee can take some time before it’s available. We’re talking go make a cup of tea and drink it before checking long. If it’s gone AWOL for more than an hour it’s not working. In that case can you see the Pi device on your network outside of Roon?

@killdozer thanks I will go make that coffee :slight_smile: and check in 30 minutes.

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I have only download the below to the micro card.


I dont need any other software do i?

It I’m not mistaken, for a Roon endpoint you need “RoPieee”, not the XL version.

Link here

@Simon_Burns thanks I will re flash based on this as I did download the XL version.

Did you flash the card properly? Simply copying the bin file to the card won’t do the trick. You need image writing software as there’s a full Linux file system in there.

Yeah I used Etcher…

Pretty sure XL does Roon but with extras. That said simple is better if you’re having issues, but I’m 95% sure I’m using XL for my Pi endpoints.

That’s the one. These conversations can be awkward, asking basic questions seems to question the others competence but in truth it’s avoiding assumptions. Your Ropieee endpoint does have its own web server and home page, http://ropieee.local/ or http://ropieeexl.local/ for XL. If that’s not available then Roons going to have issues.

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Have you connected the Pi to a screen so you can see what’s happening when it builds?

Hi @ged_hickman1 no I think I will give it time as it builds and see what happens.

The voice of common sense speaks. This is the sort of good advice I’m likely to miss. Am a Linux programmer and can miss some obvious options. This is easier than starting with network scanners,

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All worked :slight_smile: brilliant thanks for all the help guys it is appreciated.


Positive vibes :slight_smile:
Next time plug in a screen it saves a lot of head scratching and is a little mini show all of its own as all the million little processes scroll past.


That’s great to hear @Barry_Joyce, now enjoy, you’ve earned it. Perhaps a coffee before you start listening, or depending on geography and time zone, something stronger.

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No. XL version is a Roon endpoint plus it adds suppport for other modes of playback such as LMS and HQP NAA.

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Finally @Barry_Joyce, you’ve probably seen this but it’s a good reference if things go awry and thought I’d make sure: