Setting up a second zone with an Intel NUC

Intel i5 NUC, ROCK, Version 1.0, build 186.

I use an Intel NUC with ROCK OS, the server software is version 1.7 (build 537)

Sky Broadband, Netgear switch, Intel NUC.

I have my Sky broadband hardwired into a Netgear switch with my NUC hardwired along with various IoT devices.

So I currently have a NUC set up as a ROCK server which is my Core, I use my headphones plugged into my amp via a Chord Qutest & my laptop via USB. I use the Roon programme on my laptop to play music.

I would like to use another NUC plugged into my DAC so I no longer have to use my laptop, my question is, can I set up another NUC with ROCK OS and just plug in my DAC and it’ll stream to said NUC or do I have to set up something else?

I realise I can use a streamer, but I’d like to use my DAC over buying another piece of audio equipment, espcially as I have spare RAM sticks and NVMe drives knocking about that I can put into a cheap NUC!

Apologies if this has been asked a million times before, I have had a brief look in support and I couldn’t see anything.

Many thanks.

You can use a Raspberry Pi and RoPieee. That works fine and it is cheaper than a NUC. See and the RoPieee section on this forum.

A NUC with ROCK works very well. You don’t even have to log in or activate it. Plug a DAC in and it should appear on your Audio page. It is certainly worth doing if you have a NUC sitting around. If you do not, try a Raspberry Pie with or without official screen loaded with Ropieee.

Anther vote for using an RPi unless you already have a spare NUC on hand.

Many thanks all, that’s cleared things up for me and given me a new idea for cheaper endpoints.


You will still need to use the laptop or a different device to run a Roon control point. Unless you needed the horsepower for something else, the endpoint bridge can be very lightweight as others have pointed out.

You didn’t specify the laptop OS and whether or not you are trying to now or in the future play native DSD. If you just play PCM or DSD via DoP, then no issue. If you want to play native DSD, then that is a different discussion.

The plan is to use a tablet or phone as a control device, most probably my tablet, it’s got a bit more screen real estate.

I’m not too interested in DSD, 90% of my library is 24/192. Although my laptop is a-okay with the one DSD 256 track I do have, lol.

+1 on the RPi. It does not get much easier. I started off with Roon and an Oppo 203. Once I decided I liked Roon, I got a Pi 4 and Hifiberry XLR dac, etched Ropiee following their how to page and after booting it up all was well. I’m sure it would be just as easy for the Pi’s USB out to feed your DAC.

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