Setting up a system with Roon (newbie looking for guidance)


I am planning to sign up for Roon and am planning to modify my home system so I can take full advantage of it. I am looking for guidance on hardware. If someone could look over my existing system and possible changes and additions…please…sorry if this is lengthy…oh and I also would like really good sound but I don’t claim to hear discreet nuances but like to listen loud and to all kinds of music including classical.

My current system is:

-Living Room/Main listening room: a Mini Mac (2010?) that holds my iTunes library (mostly apple lossless) with BitPerfect Software connected via USB to a REGA DAC and REGA Amp with Dynaudio tower speakers – House Ethernet access is available here (currently not used)
-pre-wiring for a pair of outdoor speakers for the upper deck ends in the same location

-Office Desk: WD NAS (holds a backup of my MacMini and all other Macs in the house) hooked up to Airport Extreme plugged into house Ethernet , my MacBook sits here most of the time and I have pre-wiring for a pair of bookshelf speakers that plus into a mini Amp/DAC (so,so quality) that plugs into the USB of the MacBook when working there

-Downstairs den has a Panasonic TV, Apple TV, Marantz Amp with a pair of good speakers for TV watching as well as pre-wiring leading to a pair of future outdoor speakers lower deck (we listen to music more on the lower deck)

-an Airplay Libratone speaker in the master bathroom that is used heavily (but is very unreliable, probably a problem related to the Libratone itsel) mostly by streaming from phone when in the bathroom

-Ethernet plugs all over the house in other places (kids rooms, guest room…)

My plans:

-I probably need to replace my MacMini. Thinking about replacing it with a NUC that is going to have ROCK installed --should this go in the living room so I can direct wire it into the Rega DAC or better in the office close to NAS?

-I will probably get a new external USB hard drive to hold my Roon library and keep the NAS as back up for all the different systems

-currently I easily rip CDs using MiniMac into iTunes library (very convenient), will I need another device to rip new CD’s (my MacBook doesn’t have an optical drive) on what is a good option to make this convenient and easy…
-add a Raspberry with a hifiberry amp to the office setup and the den for the lower deck outdoor speakers and the bookshelf speakers
could I use these:
-if I place the NUC in the office I would add another endpoint (Raspberry+Digi) in the living room to feed into the Rega DAC (or should I just switch to a rasberry/hifiberry DAC and amp (do they make them in combo or can both amp and DAC be added to a raspberry??)
-do I need to re-rip all of my CD’s
-for better streaming quality should I use Deezer or Tidal
-in order to improve wireless streaming in the house for the bathroom speaker and mobile speakers that can be moved to different locations should I use a Bluesound system or rely on Airplay? Can Roon on a NUC stream to a Bluesound Mini speaker and how does it do that, or do I need a BlueSound streaming device…? I am confused about what device can do what and in what quality…
Sorry this is so long—so many questions…I welcome and appreciate all feedback and input!

If you go for a NUC it can be placed anywhere as long as you have a LAN point there.

RPi can run LAN to USB DAC or have a HAT DAC and or AMP too and run optionally to one or the other or maybe both depending on the bitrates being used. DietPi or RoPieee distro’s can both work well for you here. Other options are also possible but the price point is higher. Im a fan of the IQAudio HATs personally.

Airplay devices are supported in Roon, but can only be grouped with like devices. SqueezeBox too but same issues.

The MacMini you have is also able to run as a Roon Bridge if you want to keep it there as it is…you can still use it for iTunes to the DAC or move the iTunes data to be included in the ROCK storage.

Im sure others will be chiming in. Try to keep things on wired LAN connections for the least troublesome setup. Remotes with phones and tablets and laptops should be no issue to any of the Roon Core options.

Thank you! Does that mean a RaspberryPi with Ropiee could function the same way as a raspberrypi with a Digi HAT?

@Bobbele ropieee will work with usb devices as a stand alone, and if you need other digital outputs like toslink or coax then you would need a hat with those options