Setting up in a borrowed core

I need to replace the CDRom of my SOtM and borrowed another SOtM from the hifi shop. I have my music backup in an external hard disk and connected to the new borrowed core. I added the folder on all the music in the external hard disk drive. There are 6000 albums. Even scanning is complete, Roon keep scanning again and I cannot see all the albums and play them. Any solution?

Is this because my file size is too big for the added folder?

SOtM makes a device with a CD drive?

It is the CD rom to rip CD to the server.

What SOtM device do you have?


Ok, I get you now. I didn’t realize that one could attach a CD drive to the sMS-1000SQ.
In retrospect, since it is running Windows, that makes sense.

Sorry for the confusion.

For the proper way to migrate Roon to another machine see this -

Probably not, but what is the size of the file that you are concerned about?