Setting up new Nucleus and adding internal SSD to it - correct sequence

I spent some time searching for an answer, but did not find one. I apologize if this has been already covered.

I ordered a Nucleus earlier this week and it is arriving soon.

I also ordered a 2 TB SSD that I will install in the Nucleus

The first 4 steps listed in the Nucleus Guide are:

  1. Connect and Power Up the Nucleus

  2. Update Nucleus Firmware

  3. Prepare your storage and audio devices

  4. Start Using Nucleus (including installing the Roon App)

My question is this: where in the sequence should I install the new 2 TB SSD that will be delivered here tomorrow?

I would rather ask in advance instead of doing it incorrectly and having to take more of your time to resolve my issue

Thank you in advance


I would do steps 1 & 2 first to verify working order before opening the Nucleus. So adding the internal storage would be included with step 3.

Welcome o the community.

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Thank you very much for your quick response and warm welcome.

I really appreciate it


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