Setting up Remote

How (in plain laguage) can I set up the remote for Roon? … Thanks

If you have a Core already running, simply go to the Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS, search for Roon Remote, and install it.

If you need one on macOS or Windows, go to Downloads - Roon Labs and download the installer in the “ROON” section. Then install like any other application. (Or on macOS, like any other application that doesn’t come from the App Store)

In either case, after you start the app it should find the Core, then you can confirm with a click that it should connect to this Core. Done.

Are you experiencing any problems with this?

Si Core iam currentem habes, solum ad Play Store in Android vel App Store in iOS, quaere Roon Remotam, eamque institue.

Si uno in macOS vel in Fenestra indigetis, ad Downloads - Roon Labs 2 et in sectione “ROON” installer pone. Tunc install sicut quaelibet alia applicatio. (Aut in macOS, sicut alia applicationis quae ex App Store non venit)

Utrobique, postquam inire per app quod Core invenire debet, tunc confirmare potes cum strepita quod huic Core coniungat. Factum.

Experirisne aliqua problemata cum hoc?

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Yes…The Roon remote identifies my core and then starts looking for it again. Meanwhile,
it should be noted that the desktop on which Roon is installed is connected to the Web via an Ethernet connection. Whwn I click done an option comes up to enter my internet
address. I’m not sure which numbers to enter. Also, "Downloads-Roon Labs does not give me any option except to download the entire program. The remote is very important as I am disabled…Help Please!

Went to Windows security and added Roon to the allowed apps. It worked! Now have remote access.

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Mi pensas, ke tio estis klara

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Great. A bit more info in the opening post about how the problem actually presents itself would have been helpful, then I wouldn’t have written about installation :slight_smile:

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