Setting up ROCK on NUC10i3FNH - is fan noise a concern?

I am a newbie to Roon and currently running the core on my MacBook Pro laptop.

I want to build a Roon core unit and went out and purchased an Intel NUC10i3FNH unit and the needed RAM and SSD and drive. I see that the NUC10i3FNH has a fan. Before I started putting things together I wanted to get some guidance on noise. Should I find a fanless NUC? I looked at the Roon help information on ROCK and all of the recommended units have fans. Is this something I should be concerned about? Thanks for any help offered. Anyone using the NUC10i3?

even if it kicks in the fan on the NUC is pretty quiet.

Don’t think it ever ran on my NUC7i3 with Roon.

I have a NUC10i5FNH also running plex on windows 10. I have never heard my fan at all except when I’m right on it and it’s not loud at all.

Is it worth the extra $90 to go for the i5? I noticed the Roon nucleus uses an i3.

I’m also running ROCK on a NUC10i3FNH. The NUC sits just behind my listening chair and I’ve never heard the fan come on either. Not a concern as far as I’m concerned :slight_smile:

If it’s a concern in real life you can always buy a fanless case sfterwards. I’ve used one of these for about a year with no issues:

TBC the noise wasn’t an issue, I just liked the case aesthetic and wanted silent.

Same here. Not an issue at all. Processing speed is usually about 10-15x for MQA and >60x for FLAC (no DSP except for 7 band peq).

I recently built up a NUC10i7FNH1. It’s been dead quiet.

FWIW, I set up a NUC8I3BEH yesterday to run ROCK and the fan can only be heard if I place my ear directly above it. Move away and it’s not noticeable at all.

That depends on the number of tracks in your library and the extent and type of DSP you might be planning on doing. For example, DSD conversions require more horsepower.