Setting up ROCK Stuck on Login - asks "Are You Online?"

OK, getting progress. Installed the ROCK OS on my NUC, at the IP address screen, installed Roon on my PC…, when the app starts, it sees my NUC Rock, I click on it, it asks me to log-in, then says:

“Please check your internet connection”
“Contact Support.”

I’ve restarted the app, same thing happens. I AM online…, my house has multi-gig speed fiber… (I do some crazy things…) so I know I’m online, and am typing this. But the Roon app doesn’t seem to see? What? The internet? or the ROCK server it just identified?

I’m in a endless loop, can’t get to the codec load step.

Oh, yes, I reset password a couple times…

Grrr, (I’m smiling…) Hoping someone has seen this before.

Thanks in advance.

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The message usually appears if the Core has trouble connecting to Roon servers. Do you have a firewall?

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No firewall. Loaded Roon on a Dell 7820 dual processer “super” computer…

I used to run Roon Essentials, w/o issue, today is my big day to grow-up and make the transition to full Roon.

Does Roon need any special pinhole direct access?

My home network is pretty basic and standard recent top-of-the-line connectivity, router, and a switch. I work from home with access to tons of very secure servers without issue.

Say, thank you for moving my post to #support. I’ll get better at this - I promise.

Would I need to set up Roon Core FIRST on my PC? THEN connect to the ROCK? (which seems counterintuitive, since my goal is not to have Core on my PC…,

Walking myself through this…,

I just noticed that at the bottom of the first screen when I log in…, is some very small, hard to notice, … textlink that says “Configure Roon OS devices on your network.”

I’m following that path now…, perhaps that’s the issue? And, it does identify the IP address of the NUC…

I’ll follow-up as I proceed.

Nope, that’s not it.

I thought you already installed ROCK? ROCK IS the Core

And you have this other ROCK install thread going on

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Yes, @Suedkiez , correct on all points…

I (Google) just found this thread…,

It says to reboot the NUC,…, he had to do it 3 times. I’ll try that.

Not for most people with a regular home network and router

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There is also a search feature on the forum, top right :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @Suedkiez . Just having a response…, helped me persist and keep on thinking through this.

The “reboot” seems to have got me past the “Are you online?” question, progressing to the “Add your music” page…, so I’m feeling good!

FWIW, I’ve been in software development industry for my entire career…, so I have a don’t-give-up attitude, just sometimes need an ear to bounce things off of.

Moving along, now! :wink: :grinning:

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Progress :slight_smile:

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ALL GOOD !!! Thank you @Suedkiez . Relatively painless…, just a few sticky points.

In the online ROCK setup instructions, it says something about CODECs, but I couldn’t figure that out…, didn’t match what was in the Roon App Settings menu…, but, I’m listening to a fabulous Tears for Fears mix, so it’s working

Pumping out audio perfection on my Roon endpoint attached to a pair of Carver Silver7t Monoblocks driving Magnapan IIIa’s.

Thank you again !! progress AND Achievement today!

To be honest I’m a bit confused about what kind of help is most useful to you, because I have a hard time reconciling these two statements. Installing the codecs requires downloading and uncompressing a file and putting it in the folder on the ROCK that the instructions tell you. The instructions for this say nothing about the Roon App Settings menu.

On the one hand I feel silly repeating the steps given on the help page, on the other hand you didn’t manage… Tell me where you stumbled with this and why :slight_smile:

Anyway the codecs are only needed for playing mp3 and AAC files

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Good question, @Suedkiez . And I figured it out. The issue (for me relative to my comment) arises from just a few (small) things I experienced that could be added to the online Roon ROCK installation page. Like (1) “…rebooting may be required, to get past the ‘Are you online?’” error message, if it occurs, or like (2) adding something like: “you’ll see a long list of drivers on the intel page for the BIOS update - none of these are necessary.” Or (3) adding/repeating the last sentence of section 5, to section 6 on CODECs where it’s a prefacing step to the named topic.

Words for clarification or repetition where it is logical, cost nothing on a web page. I had a few other glitches like this, where re-reading prior sections was required…, and if one gets in a frustration loop, one can find themselves focusing on a smaller and smaller section. I’ve written too much documentation on very technical software, perhaps, and worked hard to avoid this learning-loop-barrier in the technical software I’ve been involved with.

No big deal…, everyone reads/experiences things differently. Thanks for asking.

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