Setting up Roon and Tidal on an older Auralic Aries Mini

I have an Auralic Aries Mini that I haven’t used in a while.
I had it shipped to me because I bought a new Lampizator Baltic 3 DAC for my main stereo system and I cannot get my Dell laptop to work with the new DAC via USB.

After researching some @support posts it appears that I have to connect another laptop or device (it has to be a mac or ipad or iphone, Auralic Aries Mini and Lightning DS apps only work with Apple products) to the Aires Mini.

How do I install the Roon software so I am able to use the Aries Mini as the CORE and then using the iPad/Mac/iPhone as the remote?
Or is the Apple laptop/iPad/iPhone the Core and the Control all in one?

The Aries Mini does have an SSD installed internally, so it does have room to add files, but I do not know if I can download the Roon or iOS Lightning app to work off the SSD drive, I do not think it is possible to run the Aries without a Mac computer or an iPad/iPhone.

Thank you.

The laptop is the core, the mini is just a streamer.

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So I load the Roon app on the Iphone/Ipad/Mac and use that as a Core AND the Control?
I am assuming that I link the Roon app with the Tidal app on whichever instrument I use?
Is there any ROON software that I need to install into the Aries Mini itself?
I reached out to Aries support and they responded the following:

AURALIC’s Lightning DS software is for iOS only, if you use Roon then you do not need to use our software. ARIES MINI works as RoonReady endpoint. You can contact Roon support to ask how to set it up if you are not sure what to do, it should be fairly easy inside their software.

Regarding connection type, you should try USB connection first, make sure you switch the output channel on your ARIES MINI since USB is not selected by default.

How do I set up Roon on the Mac/Ipad/Iphone so it recognizes the Aries Mini without using their Lightning DS software?

I thought you had your dell laptop set up as a roon core? Just plug the mini into it with a USB cable.
The go to roon, settings, audio and enable the mini.

The Dell laptop plays perfectly using my PS Audio Directstream as a DAC, receiving the signal from the laptop via USB while using Roon and Tidal, yet it won’t do the same thing using the new Lampizator DAC.
I downloaded the drivers into the laptop that the DAC manufacturer instructed me to use. The laptop DOES recognize the I2SoverUSB driver now that I loaded the drivers, but the initialization fails. It will NOT enable the connection to the Baltic 3 DAC via USB.
The Lampi sales rep tried to help, but didn’t get anywhere. He said the support rep in Poland would call me, but I haven’t heard from him.
So I have given up trying to use my Dell windows 11 laptop as a source/streamer with my new DAC.
I have an Aires Mini that I haven’t used in a while, it stays at my vacation home in the Keys.
I am had it shipped to me because I gave up on using the Dell laptop to work with the new DAC.
Now I am using the same Aries Mini with the same Iphone that worked in my Keys home.
Naturally it does NOT want to work here. Tidal does not merge with the MConnect app on the OLD iphone (it used to) and I tried using a newer Iphone (my wifes), but the stupid Apple security settings prevent me from modifying the Tidal log in settings on her new Iphone. I have no idea how to bypass this and I don’t want to screw up her Iphone settings.
Eventually I will buy a new Ipad and a new streamer/Aurender/Lumin…
I know I am not an expert on this, but I am not totally uninformed. I even built my own desktop computer, yet I cannot get a streamer/laptop to operate. After spending hundreds/thousands on software and thousands on equipment, I wish someone/anyone had telephone support instead of this back and forth on the communities and not getting anywhere. Wasting hours on this.
I do appreciate the help everyone has given, but Roon should be able to have a better system of support.

I will try using the Roon app on the OLD Iphone to see if I can get that to work.
If not, I am off to Best Buy to get a new IPad…

If you wish to use roon then you need a roon core it cannot be a phone or an ipad or the auralic mini.
You can use the laptop as the roon core and as a control point.

Before I just used the Aries Mini which was controlled with a Iphone and their software.
So to use the Roon software on this device, I have to buy a MAC Laptop?
I can’t use a Ipad or Iphone with the app?

The Auralic support said the Mini was compatible with Roon.
It has a built in SSD drive too.
I give up, I will buy a new Streamer next week.
Total waste of time.

I think you are fundamentally not understanding roon or your Aries.

Yes you can use the aries with just a phone but that will have nothing to do with roon, you will use the Auiralic software to control and stream to it.

To use Roon YOU NEED A SERVER know n as the Roon core. You were using your laptop for this.
You need something to control the server, search, press play - this is the control point and could be your laptop or a phone or ipad.
You need an output/streamer - this would be your Aries.

You need all three control, server and output device to use roon. They could all be one thing as you could plug headphones into the laptop or they can be three devices, one for each function.

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If the Mini has already been ‘activated’ then you may be able to make the configuration changes on the Aries through the web interface, although this link is for a different model, it looks the same as I see on my Ares Mini.

Suggest connecting the Aries mini via ethernet to your network, find it’s IP address from your router. You should be able to connect to it from a web-browser and configure the Aries for wireless (if you want) and make it a Roon ready endpoint (the Ares Mini is a Roon ready endpoint, not a Roon core).

Edit: For me the address of the mini was http://auralic.local

Thanks, I will give it a try.

So if I buy an Aurender N200, Roon Nucleus or Lumin X1 I still have to buy a laptop or use my current Dell laptop to run Roon Core?

Don’t buy anything until you understand how Roon works.


You can lead a horse to Wikipedia…

Is a computer dedicated to running RoonServer. You can use it, or another computer if your choice that meets minimum specifications.

Hi @Federico_Macia,

You shouldn’t have to purchase anything else if you’re doing everything correctly.

To start, connect the Auralic Aries Mini to your hi -fi setup and then your network using a wired connection. Plug an ethernet cable in the back of that device.

Then open Roon on your Dell Laptop
So to Settings>Audio to see if the Auralic is visible on that page after making the wired connection.
If so, Enable the device.
You should be able to select the Auralic Zone and play music.

Please let us know if this works for you, thanks!

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The Aries only works with Apple software and has to be controlled from a Iphone, Ipad or MAC, it doesn’t work from Windows. I borrowed an old Ipad from my son but I have yet to try using it. Will do by the weekend. Thanks for everybody help.

Thank you for sharing those details @Federico_Macia. I didn’t see that when reviewing the specs. It also appears that the device supports Airplay. You can use that to connect to it from Roon on your Windows machine. :+1:t2:

I believe that iOS is only required to set it up.
Once set up you should be able to see it via Roon in Audio on your Dell laptop just as easily as an iPad

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