Setting up Roon to output DSD512 with Microrendu

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone here is able to help. I just got a Microrendu today to use with an iFi Micro iDSD Black Label DAC. I’m trying to get it set up to output DSD512 with Roon. Any suggestions on how to do this?

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First configure the microRendu via its web interface, as detailed here. Leave DoP unchecked. Then configure your microRendu zone in Roon.

I was able to do that when I initially set up the microrendu but now I am not able to get into the web interface to make any changes.

Have you tried power cycling the mR?

I don’t think I know how to do that. Can you explain?

If you can’t get to the web UI, I think the only way is to disconnect the power cable, give it a few seconds, and reconnect. Then give it a couple-few minutes and see if it shows up at

(If the mR doesn’t currently show up at, this is probably your best course of action.)

I have tried that several times and I still can’t get to the web interface.

I think this is one for @Jesus_Rodriguez.

I sent an email to Jesus Friday so I’m hoping to hear from him tomorrow.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Thanks for everyone’s help with this. I have been working with Jesus and I got my microrendu to work. Now I have an issue with not being able to enable DSD. I have checked native DSD in the microrendu settings, but when I go to Roon to set up the audio, the only thing I get under DSP settings is "compatibility mode and my DAC doesn’t output higher than 352.8 PCM. Even though I have checked native DSD mode in microrendu settings, it downconverts to PCM.

Try setting Volume Control in Roon Ready settings to ‘None (Volume 100%’.

I did that and it was super loud and distorted. I’m not sure how that will help with the inability to enable DSD within Roon.

This is DSD256 set to upsample to DSD512 to an iFi DSD Black when Volume Level is set to ‘Software’:

This is with Volume Level set to ‘None’:

I do not hear the loudness/distortion that you report.

You are wise :grinning: That did the trick. The bad news is that my PC doesn’t have enough horsepower to play DSD512. Looks like I’ll be making some upgrades. I can get buts of songs, but then Roon says that there are issues with playing the files at DSD512. Time to start saving for PC upgrades.