Setting Up Scheduled Backup after Installing a New NUC

My system is working beautifully, super happy.

However I can’t figure out how to set up a scheduled backup for Roon now that I’ve added a NUC and no longer use a Windows laptop as the Roon Core. I have no idea what to use as the path to set up the backup.

How can I add a backup folder on my laptop and point Roon to it?

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @Casey_Denley and welcome to the Roon forums. This thread might be of some help:

Good luck.

Thanks. I tried searching first and didn’t get this hit. :slight_smile:

Always worth trying Google. I’m unconvinced that the search on here is consistent.

Hello @Casey_Denley, and welcome to the community! You can check out our article on backing up to your laptop here. Essentially, enter “Settings>Backups> Scheduled Backups>Add” and let me know if you have any issues doing so.

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