Settings -> Album page preferences - What do they do?

Hey guys,

The first (Show track numbers is clear). But what do all the other settings do? I activated them but couldn’t find out what they actually do. Can someone help me figure this out? I couldn’t find something helpful in the knowledge base.

Thank you!

A Playlist link:

Track Tag link and Library count for recordings

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Perfect, thank you!

Just to add to what Geoff has said.

You are not necessarily going to see anything unless you have made edits to your tracks. For example in order to see the track tags or playlist links you have to go to the 3 dots next to the track and add them:

The performance counts will also not necessarily be there (or at least accurate) unless you (or roon during the identification process) has added composers to the tracks and/or otherwise identified the track as a composition performance.

Even the track numbers are not necessarily going to be there. It is rare but if you have not numbered the tracks in your local files and/or roon has not identified the tracks and their associated track numbers then roon will not display the track numbers either.

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