Settings do not work on my new ipad 5 mini, why?



settings do not work via iOS remote.
If i push the button the screen goes away…???
It is fail!!!

On my android Samsung Smartphone it works well.

I have bought the ipad mini for remote my roon core better because of a greater screen.

I have ROCK / Linux on a itx board and it works Fine.
But the remote with iOS does not work using the setting button…

Please correct it!


Please delete the genres which came with 1.8…
These are not in my Bibliothek and i do not want to see them on the following screen after i push the genre button!

To much information is not always good.

I need more time to find my own genres…

How i can delete these unwished genres?

Please help.

If the problems persist i will ( better i have to… ) leave roon.

My subscription ends in May this year…

Best regards,