Settings for HQPlayer desktop with Pi and Digione sig

You hav RPi3 right? See how you go but it’s USB output can be dodgy (ethernet and USB share same power).

RPi4 is much better, it finally eliminated that main issue of RPis that came before.

For PCM192k, the DigiOne and Pi2AES SPDIF outputs should be great.

I’ve got RPi4. I’m keen to give the NAA a go, I have a spare Pi4 until the Pi2AES arrives, so great opportunity.

Plus I can’t get the desktop HQP working yet🤬 Got home all pumped, switched the RPi to output in the HQP settings…but still nada. Roon now saying that it can’t connect to HQplayer

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You are running Ubuntu Desktop right? And both Roon and HQPlayer are on that same machine?

Try adding HQPlayer to Roon via the machines IP address?

Even though localhost should work.

I have two hqplayers in Roon Zone, and neither is connecting to Roon now😃

Yes I’m on Ubuntu and have Roon core and HQ desktop on the NUC

You need to have proper HQP output setup though.

Try RPi4 NAA image.

Also, boot NAA and wait, before you open HQPlayer Desktop app. So HQP can “see” the NAA immediately on booting.

What line should I add to the bottom on config.txt, if I’m just going to use RPi4 with usb?
No overlay, so just leave it as it is?

Don’t need to do anything for RPi4 USB output.

Only need overlay for digione if you tried that later.

Got HQplayer working this morning. Sounds mint. Not even using any LPS. Regular Pi psu into a noise filtering power board into mains.

Thanks for the help.

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Is that NAA OS on RPi4?

Or RoPieee XL?

NAA on Pi4 with usb

Nice. You can re-try RoPieee XL to have Roon alongside if you really want/need both.

But as noted earlier, I had issues with RoPieee XL. Had to re-write SD cards multiple times.

I never had to reboot NAA OS on RPi since using that. Both with my RPi4 with USB out and my RPi3 with DigiOne out.

I get a nice new LPS next week that was supposed to be paired with the Pi2AES. Might need a re-think. Kitchen s system sounds like it might deserve the love😃

Hmm I now have a fair few permutations of hardwares I need to think about. First world issues!

Both your Pi’s (usb and the second one with Digione) have you listened to both in the same set up, AB testing? Any preferences spdif v usb?

No DigiOne feeds an AVR in living room. Can’t feed this AVR USB so no comparison possible unless I used a USB to SPDIF converter but that would be silly way to have more clutter there. DigiOne + NAA OS works great for that zone. Tiny little box out of the way, unseen.

I haven’t used the DigiOne with my RPi4 USB setups because those upsample to high sample rates. DiGiOne is capped at PCM192k which is great with AVR anyway.

I use a Yamaha Aventage AVR in my main set up. It drives the big speakers so nicely still. I have a little E30 DAC with a Pi and Digione. I love the sound from such a simple set up.

But I might have to try this NAA down there now.

Probs need to send Jussi some of my hard earned.

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You can probably have a think about whether to buy Desktop or Embedded licence.

Embedded license allows you to control HQPlayer from a tablet while you’re sitting down. Via web config page. Like you’re used to with RoPieee.

No need to interact with a keyboard/monitor/mouse.

You already have Roon Server running on Ubuntu. Just install HQPlayer Embedded on the same machine, so it becomes a totally headless server for Roon + HQP.

You can do the free Embedded trial but wait a week or two till @jussi_laako makes a really important change to make things work better:

HQPlayer Linux Desktop and HQplayer embedded - Page 184 - Software - Audiophile Style

Is there a Desktop Linux version? Or is Embedded what used to be the old Linux version?

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Yes, there is. Two builds for Ubuntu 20.04 and one for Fedora 34.

I’m just starting to have my first taste of HQPlayer. I got a NAA up and running. First impressions are very good.

I also tried desktop and embedded on Ubuntu, but did not understand the “bins”. The 3 most recent codes for Ubuntu focal (dated 25th October). Do I install those? Are they the dependencies? Sorry for the simpletons questions, but I got a little lost with this part of the installation process.

Are there any do’s and don’ts with the filter settings? I’m happy with pcm at this time. But my DAC is saying 384 KHZ but I thought I’d set it for max 192? Is this what the DAC is receiving or sending?

You need the .deb packages, the two other files are metadata and not necessary for operation. There are two builds, the “generic” one which works on CPUs with minimum SSE4.2 instruction set. Then there’s the “amd” build which is for CPUs with AVX2 instruction set support.

It is generally best to send DAC the highest rate data it supports from HQPlayer.

Yes, DAC displays it’s operation rate as controlled by HQPlayer.

Thx. I’ll have another go at setting up embedded then.