Settings for least processing

With all this new “stuff” in 1.3 what settings give the cleanest audio path with the least processing? Thank you

Disable DSP Engine and Volume Leveling for your zones. Your signal path will be just as it was in 1.2.

thank you BPM how do I turn off “bit depth conversion”

That only occurs when DSP is active or when tracks need to be downsampled (f.i. when they are in a higher resolution or different format than your DAC can handle).

Can you post a screencap of your signal path?

this is from my most processed zone for headphones only

Crossfeed is a DSP function. To perform its DSP tricks, Roon increases bit depth to 64-bit float for headroom. Lose the crossfeed and you’ll lose the reduction at the end (which is needed since your DAC cannot deal with a 64-bit signal).

Cool thanks