Settings for Singxer SU-1 and Holo Audio Spring DAC

I have a SOtM sMS-200ultra feeding a Holo Audio Spring DAC through a Singxer SU-1 (USB to I2S converter).

Can you please let me know:

  1. if it’s normal that the system sees only the SU-1 and not the DAC
  2. which are the correct Roon settings on the sMS-200ultra



For 1, yes, since SU-1 is connected to the host via USB; the sMS-200ultra will see it but not the Spring. Presumably if you connect SU-1 via II2C/HDMI to Spring, it is basically a hardware connection.

Thanks a lot.
So you are saying that the I2S connection between su-1 and Spring is seen by roon as a hardware connection as if the two boxes were one?

By the way the SU-1 settings I am mentioning in point 2 are only present in the Eunhasu Software running on the sMS-200ultra,not in Roon.

I’m a bit confused on how this works. I can change Roon settings of the SU-1 from the sMS -200ultra software but not from Roon itself?

Roon can only see the endpoint; in this case the sMS-200ultra. However, the SMS-200ultra can see the SU-1 running on Eunhasun software which is connected via the USB.

I have the sms-200, connected to an su-1.
My su-1 goes to a meridian g68.

In roon i only see the su-1. That is because the sms-200 acts as an extension of roon. The su-1 converts the usb to coax, the sms-200 doesnt see what is behind it.
Which is fine, still sounds good :slight_smile: