Settings not displaying properly or crashing [Resolved with Build 756]

Only english speaking beta testers is no good !


For this issue, the language in Roon doesn’t matter, but the OS (Windows, iOS, etc.) language does. If you set your OS to use English is there any change?

Same for me

I haven’t tried yet. By the way…I’ll wait for a patch to solve the issue.

Issue on iPad, settings button leads to a crash.
Switching to iPad-Language English ( from German) settings button works fine!
Back to iPad-Language German crashes again…

ipad>settings>crash. Disappointing!

Same here. And settings menu in Windows is broken.
I guess we’ll see the first bug fixes soon.

Same problem here on Iphone 12 pro max here, can´t access “display” settings, if I try this, the app crashes…

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Same here. On iPad and Android phone it’s fine. Only broken in Windows app.

Version 1.8 installed flawlessly on core, iPad Air 2 and Windows 7 (yes, I know).

But the iOS app crashes every time I tap:

  • settings
  • my tracks (both via a bookmark and the main menu traks button)
  • manage profiles

Also on iOS, the top of the screen, with clock, battery load etc., is coloured grey in stead of black in dark mode.


iOS app crashes when choosing settings.

Crashes not only when selecting settings. But also when choosing history. Here it is even worse as you cannot restart the app but need to reinstall it. This on an iPad mini 5th Gen. Language German(Swiss) and Roon in English. Changing language to English in preferences of the IPad helps to fix it. Changing language in Roon does not help. Funnily, on my IPhone 12 Pro, same setting iOS in German, Roon in English works no problem, can access settings and also History. Hope this helps to debug.

+1 on iPad Pro 10.5
settings → crash
rotate to portrait → crash and doesn’t open anymore
deleting / reinstalling the app doesn’t help :-/
Mac App works though.
Let’s hope for a quick bugfix.

Seeing the same behaviour: settings on Windows is incomplete, settings on iOS leads to a crash.

Crashes at two different iPads by entering Settings , at iPhone it crashes on different sub Menus in Settings

Also crashes by entering Profile

Set IOS language and roon app language to English. That helps against crashings.

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Many problems here
Ipad pro don’t have any settings, only shows ‘general’
The same on the Windows app.
Iphone 11 pro has settings but crashes on ‘display’ and ‘extensions’ tab
Extensions which don’t work at all.
Not a great job it seems it’s released to early

Reinstalled and switched from german to englisch - but still ist crashes

Malte, did you switch the system language or the language in Roon. Changing the sstem language to English solved the problem.

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Okay - yes, with set iOS language also English it work , nice workaround