Settings per device / user

Probably a tough one to crack, but if I go into settings and set the general browsing preferences, and then go to another device and open the Roon app again - the settings aren’t reflected (in my case using a MacBook and an iPhone). There are some settings (like the browsing ones) that I would rather persisted across all controllers).

Also, the settings apply on the device for all users. Again things like browsing preferences seem personal to the user. It’s a preference.

So in summary - for each user can we persist the preferences across all apps, and for each device can we not persist the preferences across users?

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I have not used them, but did you try creating user profiles? That may do what you are looking for.
From the KB on profiles:
“Each person in your household can have their own profile, and we’ll store their playlists, play history, and all of their favorites there, including albums, songs, artists, and more.”

Settings per user is a good idea. Settings across different platforms is not such a good idea because they are different devices. For example I like the setting “allow more albums” on my macbook but not on my Ipad mini.

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