Settings screen and usb connection problem for the end point


I have still a problem on the settings menu that ı can not reach the sub menus. I see none of them and can only reach through the remote.

Secondly, each time ı should restart the roon server in order to reach at the usb end point. It disappears frequently and only reachable after the restart.

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Did you update to the latest build?

Actually did not update automatically on the first day therefore I uninstalled 1.7 and installed 1.8 version. So the screen is of 1.8 version.

I mean the latest 1.8 build. They released a vsn to fix the settings issue I believe as it was to do with languages. Build 756 Is the latest.

Thank you when I changed the language settings on both computer and mobile I reached to the settings section with the sub menus. However the system still runs 753 and receives error message.

Down load the latest build from their website and reinstall it rather than the automatic update.