Settings to hide unnecessary information from composition page?

I use Roon with a personal library only (no streaming). I love how Roon organizes classical compositions, with individual recordings as instances of the composition.

However, in Roon 1.8, there is a lot of information I don’t need and don’t want to see, that takes up way too much space on screen. I want to remove “Top performers”, “Top conductors” and “Popular X by Y”. I never agree with these designations, it is a big distraction from what I want to see on this screen (composition information and recordings in my library).

I really hope there is a way to hide it. For illustration, I want to hide all the stuff in the middle in the three screenshots below. The fact that I needed all of 3 screenshots to capture the whole page is indeed a wonderful illustration of the issue.

Scrolling →

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Yes. A strange omission by roon. Having a verbose/non-verbose switch was one of the earliest design features in the earliest text based UI’s.

There is a precedent in roon. There are 4 settings for the composer display. Default / Less / More / Always. I have it set to “always” as I am interested in the way roon can link your local content to on-line content at a composition level. From comments and screen shots I have seem others have little interest in using roon that way and prefer to switch off information they don’t use and view as clutter.

I would also like to see this precedent extended to other parts of the UI. Perhaps on a profile, device or listening habits basis. Most of the time I prefer the default “verbose” mode. But I can imagine why others would want something much less cluttered. TBH in many scenarios I would prefer that as well. For example, when lock-down is over and we can have people over again. But in that case my use case would be the exact 180 degree opposite to yours. I only want to see the “popular”, “recommended”, “in their prime” banners and I do not want to see any of the album and tracks view clutter. A sort of “party” mode for dummies where I don’t have to think very much and cannot possibly muck it up.

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@dylan or someone else from the support team, is it just that I am not finding these settings in the settings menu? I have been surprised before from settings and options hiding in places I had not suspected.


I also wanted to say that I really like the looks of this page in Roon 1.8. Good job with fonts and color schemes!

If I could avoid scrolling through all of this unnecessary information every time I want to listen to some music, it would be perfect.

@dylan @support

10 days and I am still wondering about this. Where do I find these settings?

Roon doesn’t enable you to hide this type of information.

I would suggest you move your topic to the Feature Request section.

If you weren’t aware, there is a pencil icon next to the topic heading, click it, and from the bottom left drop down select ‘Feature Request’.

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