Setup for Sooloos Control 15

What is the best setup for Roon and Sooloos Control 15 right now?

  1. C15 as an audio endpoint
    I see the C15 discovered by Roon, but selecting it and playing to it does nothing.

  2. Consolidated music library
    My understanding is that keeping the music files in C15 and sharing it with Roon is not possible, at least not right now. What is the best way to do share music files between C15 and Roon. Will the QNAP storage work and will Roon recognize the music files stored by C15 on a QNAP?

  3. Any other suggestion to make this setup easier to use?

My Roon Version is 1.1


What audio equipment is connected to the C15?
When using Sooloos, does the C15 zone play music?
Have you tried switching the core off on the C15 and then use Roon?

You need to export the music that is on the C15 to a device that Roon can access (e.g. USB drive, NAS)
Use Control:PC or Control:Mac to set the native export location up.

How committed to the C15 are you? Do you have any other Meridian / Sooloos hardware?

What audio equipment is connected to the C15?

devialet 200

When using Sooloos, does the C15 zone play music?

Yes the Sooloos C15 works fine by itself

Have you tried switching the core off on the C15 and then use Roon?

No. I haven’t tried that. This is not an option for me until the “Consolidated music library” question is answered, but I will give it a shot.

BTW, what kind of indication/feedback can we look for in the C15 UI to confirm that Roon is sending it some music to play?

How committed to the C15 are you? Do you have any other Meridian / Sooloos hardware?

The C15 works great for me and I love it.

I use C15 for 2 things:

  1. Storage/Library Management/Choosing and Playing music
  2. Ripping CDs

Seems like Roon will address 1.
If Roon works natively with Devialet then I can loose the C15 in a beat (care less for 2).
Right now the Roon <–> Devialet Air <–> D200 is a nightmare (tried both on Mac and PC)

When all of this works, I need to find a hardware that is well integrated like the C15 to run Roon on. But there are a few options there and am willing to compromise a bit.

So loosing the C15 is possible but seems like a long road.

An Intel NUC mounted to the back of a modern touchscreen is much nicer than a C15 in my opinion, and a lot faster and more capable (and it runs Roon!). If you need it, a USB CD drive has to be added to the setup.

Here is a reviewer that did exactly that:

Also, any All-In-One type PC accomplishes the same without the do-it-yourself aspect. Some of us here like the HP Envy Recline 23. I’m not in front of it now, but I can’t remember if it has a CD drive. I would guess not, and you’d need to use USB to add one just like with the NUC.

You could also hook up the D200 to either via USB and avoid AIR.

Following up this old thread:
Anything changed in Roon/Meridian to allow Roon to access C15 Core?

Nothing on our end. My understanding is that Meridian hasn’t done anything either. I’ve been recommending a iPort Luxeport + iPad Pro for people looking for a C15 replacement, but it’s not an all-in-one.

Am pretty sure that the music share on the C15 is not available to the network. Only the twinstores and MD600 type devices were.

NUC on the back of a sensible touch screen is a very nice way to go for about 1/5 the price of the C15.

I have tested an all-in-one unit as well but didn’t like the android OS so much.

Does that mean if I had a twinstores or MD600, Meridian Sooloos and Roon can share the same music library/files?

What about music stored on a QNAP NAS? Can Meridian Sooloos and Roon share the same music library/files?

I am trying to see what is the best way to share the same library with Sooloos and Roon.

See my post here:

I used to run a squeezebox setup using the Sooloos library. It worked because I never ripped CD’s with Sooloos; always with dbpa so the files were always tagged properly.

Roon would work the same way if it were to read the same library.

I stopped doing that a) because I wanted a normal music library I could manage, b) I moved to Roon , c) Roon handles squeezebox for me.

Roon handles all Sooloos zones for me too.

It all comes down to whether your files have tags or not. As @mike says above an export is usually a better route. However, the expect you have the issue of Sooloos hardware to figure out